Our practice areas

ELC abogados will focus on the following practical areas

Commercial Law

ELC Abogados y Asociados offers extensive experience in the following topics:

  • Advisory and accompaniment in the completion of procedures and records before different governmental and non-governmental entities that participate or regulate commercial law, such as, Chambers of Commerce, Superintendencias (sociedades o industria y comercio) and exchange authorities, among others.
  • Consulting, negotiation and drafting contracts.
  • Litigation in matters related to contractual breaches, partnerships, unfair competition, insurance, intellectual property and consumer rights.

Competition Law (anti- trust and unfair competition)

ELC Abogados y Asociados offers extensive experience representing companies investigated by the highest authority of the competition or that have been sued or are willing to sue for having exposed or effectively affected by acts of unfair competition.

It also provides advice and accompaniment in the practice of extraprocesal proceedings promoted both by the party interested in initiating litigation and by the authority of the competition in exercise of the power it has to conduct preliminary proceedings.

Consumer’ rights law

ELC Abogados y Asociados not only accompanies and advises its clients in elaboration or response to direct complaints filed by consumers who are dissatisfied with the goods and services they have received, but also represents them judicially and extra judicially in the respective proceedings initiated against them or who are willing to start.

Informatics Law

ELC Abogados y Asociados advises and accompanies its clients in the celebration and negotiation of computer contracts or new information technologies.

It also offers protection and defense of their most important digital assets before the respective judicial and governmental authorities as well as reasonable and balanced contractual alternatives to safeguard their rights.

Corporate Law

ELC Abogados y Asociados not only creates corporate vehicles or advises its clients in the organization of the most varied associative forms for the development of enterprises in an efficient and competitive way, but also offers solutions to the different problems that are presented to them in the intricate corporate world.

Insurance Law

ELC Abogados y Asociados aware of the importance of the insurance contract in the world of business offers its clients advice and professional accompaniment in the different eventualities that arise in the legal insurance business.

Company law

Commercial law evolves generating a legal vision of the most dynamic and interactive company in which different scenarios of the business world are interwoven such as financial, economic, managerial and contractual which ELC Abogados y Asociados offers its clients experience, knowledge and ability to solve their problems in a practical way.

Intellectual property and information technologies

The protection of intellectual property and digital assets of any company also occupies a place of relevance in the Know-How That ELC Abogados y Asociados offers its clients.


ELC Abogados y Asociados offers its clients more than 10 years of experience and advice on issues related to national and international arbitration.

Foreign investment

ELC Abogados y Asociados offers its clients advice and assistance in the creation of corporate and/or contractual legal vehicles suitable for the entry and exit of foreign investment capital into the National territory.

State and private contracting

The state contract as well as the contractual programs perfected among individuals constitute another area of practice in which ELC Abogados y Asociados stands out for its professionalism and depth in the elaboration of legal instruments that govern the interests at stake, as well as in judicial representation and extrajudicial of its clients.

Strategic litigation

You have to know what battles to give and ELC Abogados y Asociados has the experience and knowledge to advice their clients as to when they should sue, seek an arrangement or active extra-procedural mechanisms that provide the most convenient and practical exit to their clients’ legal conflicts.

Structuring projects and constructive megaprojects, infrastructure, public services and contractual negotiation

ELC Abogados y Asociados offers advice and accompaniment in the assessment, viability analysis and prospecting of risks of large and Medium- Sized construction projects.

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